Nicole Johns, LCSW


Counseling Approach

I work with clients that are experiencing a variety of issues, including depression, stress, anxiety, family conflict, and relationship issues. My primary approach stems from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which helps people identify how their behaviors are influenced by their thoughts and feelings. Using this as a base, I tailor my approach to the individual needs of each person I see and am committed to finding the most appropriate and effective treatment model for every client.


In addition to meeting with clients in private practice, I am also the Director of Quality Improvement and Program Evaluation for Children’s Home + Aid, a private, family service organization with offices across the State of Illinois. I have been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Illinois since 1994.

My educational background is in both psychology and social work. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from St. Louis University in 1991, then went on to obtain my Master’s Degree in Social Work from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where my focus was mental health treatment.

While much of my recent focus has been on working with adolescents and their families, I also have great deal of experience working with adults and couples. I believe very strongly in the need to create a safe, accepting environment where my clients feel comfortable sharing their needs, expressing their feelings, and talking about the things in their lives that cause them sadness, stress, conflict and anxiety. I also believe very strongly in building a collaborative relationship with my clients, where we work together to define solutions and resolve issues. I am a great listener, but as a therapist, I will play an active role in my client’s treatment. Therapy is a structured process and whenever possible, I rely on evidence-based practice models to guide the work I do with my clients. This means that the approach I take has been tested and proven effective. While most of the work I do with clients is based in Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment methods, I also have employed a variety of other evidence-based approaches, depending on my client’s needs and what they want to accomplish in treatment.

In the past, I have worked with families in conflict, providing crisis intervention, case management and therapeutic services to adolescents and their families. In most cases, the nature of the family conflict was varied, but resulted in youth running away from home or being locked out of their homes by their parents. My job was to try to keep the family together and resolve those underlying issues that led to the initial crisis. I’ve also helped families deal with teen pregnancy issues, drug and alcohol use, childhood abuse and neglect, and domestic violence. I have supervised programs that provide family counseling and work with homeless, pregnant and parenting youth.

In private practice, I’ve provided counseling to couples experiencing conflict and I have worked with individuals and families with a variety of treatment needs.

In my current full-time position with Children’s Home + Aid, part of my responsibility is to oversee the mental health services that we provide across the state. In this capacity, I evaluate the treatment that our therapists provide and help them determine if we’re meeting the needs of our clients and how to meet them more effectively. I help train our clinical staff and provide supervisory oversight, as needed.


Phone: 618-248-2040 x10


Location: Edwardsville


  • Adults (18+)

Areas of Focus

Professional Experience

  • Individual, family, and couples counseling in an agency and private-practice setting.
  • Crisis intervention and case management with homeless, pregnant, and/or parenting youth.
  • Oversight of clinical treatment and effectiveness for mental health services in an agency setting.

Education and Credentials

  • L.C.S.W. in Illinois (What's This?)
  • M.S.W. from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
  • B.A. in Psychology from St. Louis University