Counseling for Teenagers

Your teenager has changed. Sure, adolescence is a time of change, but your son or daughter isn't coping, is struggling, and you don't know how to help. The teen years can be an incredibly difficult time for teens and parents alike. It's not unusual for families to need some help along the way. Perhaps your son isn't the same kid he was a year ago and needs some help. Maybe your daughter asked to speak to a therapist to help sort through some problems she is having. Either way, counseling can help your adolescent work through this formative time. We frequently work with young adults who are struggling with this transition in their lives and help parents reconnect their kids who they love but have become incredibly frustrated with.

Signs indicating that seeing a counselor might be right for your child:

  • Dramatic changes in appetite, sleep, or hygiene

  • Suicidal thoughts or threats

  • Explosive anger

  • Decline in school performance or behavior

  • Lack of interest in things previously enjoyed

  • Excessive worry or anxiety

  • Recent life changes (death, trauma, divorce)

  • Abuse of drugs or alcohol

  • Erratic behavior

  • Distorted reality

  • Unmanageable conflicts

  • Poor communication

  • Cutting or other self injury

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