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Counseling for Anger

Anger is an emotion that we all experience. That doesn't mean it's a helpful one. Sometimes we can find excessive anger getting in the way of us leading a productive life. The anger itself can feel quite debilitating but what generally causes problems is what we do when we feel the anger

"Anger management" has become an oft-used phrase that is more of a joke today than it is any kind of meaningful concept. Despite that, anger continues to be a problem that continues to significantly affect a large number of people. What a lot of people do not realize is that often, the problem is not how we manage our anger but how we fail to prevent it.

For most people, angry outbursts come at times when we are incredibly stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, pressured, or anxious. As a result of this, our ability to take on new problems or deflect minor irritants is greatly diminished. A large part of working on anger is learning how to manage stress to avoid anger, how to spot the signs of rage so you can retreat before problems are caused, as well as the more popularized strategies of learning how to deal with the anger once it has come.

Signs indicating that seeing a counselor might be right for you:

  • A constant, undercurrent of anger

  • Increased fighting or arguments

  • Explosive anger

  • Difficulty communicating

  • Frequent feelings of hostility, irritability, or frustration

  • Increased stress leading towards irritability with your partner

  • Usually feeling trapped or overwhelmed

  • Excessive desire to escape

  • Hitting or damaging objects

  • Physically hurting, threatening, or intimidating others

  • Friends, family, or partners ending relationships because of the way they are treated

  • Difficulty controlling what you say when you are upset

  • Volatility and switching to an angry mood quickly

  • Unmanageable conflicts

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