Counseling for Anxiety, Worry, and Panic

Anxiety is a debilitating feeling that many people suffer through on a daily basis. It can be an incredibly difficult symptom to deal with since it is both a physically uncomfortable feeling and a mentally distressing state. Anxious individuals often find themselves worrying excessively, feeling a constant pressure, and living in a continuous state of fear. There are many forms of anxiety and it actually manifests itself in a number of different ways. For most people, anxiety is an undercurrent of unrest, worry, or nervousness. For some, it can be a targeted fear that is triggered by a specific event, thought, or scenario. Social anxiety is another form where people are uncomfortable in social settings or interacting with others. Obsessive compulsive disorder is a type of anxiety where people find themselves focusing on certain "obsessions" or completing repeated rituals in an attempt to sooth an ever-present sense of anxiety and worry.

While anxiety can take a number of forms, it is a symptom that can severely impact our quality of life and, depending on how it is presenting itself, can really get in the way of us adequately living our lives. There are a wide variety of therapy techniques in counseling that can help an individual work through anxiety and get to a point where the anxiety is largely eliminated or greatly reduced.

Signs indicating that you may be be anxious or experiencing panic and benefit from counseling:

  • A constant sense of worry

  • Feeling out of control

  • Frequent feelings of distress

  • Physical symptoms like rapid breathing, increased heart rate, and clenched muscles

  • A feeling of incompetence in social encounters or a deep fear of encountering others socially

  • A certain fear of a particular scenario, event, thing, or environment

  • Unrelenting thinking about a particular thought or idea

  • The need to complete a certain task on a repeated behavior as a way to self-soothe

  • A sense that things are overwhelming and too big to do anything about

  • An inability to "shut down" your thinking

  • Easily irritated or angered

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