Counseling for College Students

Going to college is a monumental transition in a person's life. For many, it definitively marks the time when we begin to see ourselves as adults. This can be both a frighting and exciting time for students and parents alike. Every transition offers unique opportunities for growth and great risk of falling backwards. When we meet with university students, our goal is to leverage those growth opportunities while working avoiding the pitfalls that frequently obstruct students in college. College students are a unique group that often have very specific problems. A counselor needs to really understand college life and the types of pressures that are on young adults when they are in college. Because we have therapists that focus on this area and because we are a short walk from the SIUE campus, our practice sees many college students for a number of concerns.

We are used to hearing from college students directly and getting contacted by concerned parents about their son or daughter. We are adept at working with clients who are seeking counseling for themselves and with individuals who are seeking therapy primarily at the urging of their parents. In the latter example, we work hard to find goals that the student is bought into so we can develop a strong rapport and work together on the challenges that are present.

Common Concerns College Students Seek Counseling For:

  • Feeling buried by the amount or type of coursework

  • Difficulty adjusting to a new peer group or having few friends

  • Problems with excessive drinking, partying, or drug use

  • Frustration from parents hovering or micromanaging

  • Lack of motivation to take care of responsibilities without outside intervention

  • Feeling lost, a lack of direction, or unable to decide a career path

  • Experiencing homesickness

  • Struggles with long-distance relationships

  • Interpersonal conflict dealing with roommates

  • Hard time adjusting to getting to classes and completing work independently

  • Overwhelmed from going to school, working, and living on one's own

  • Inability to focus, increased forgetfulness, deceased concentration

  • Stress from financial concerns

  • Fear of inability to find a job after graduation

  • Shame or embarrassment about living with parents

Colleges and Universities From Which We Commonly See Students :

  • Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE)

  • Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC)

  • Lewis and Clark Community College

  • Saint Louis University (SLU)

  • Washingtn University

  • Fontbonne University

  • Lindenwood

  • Webster University

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