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Our practice is continually expanding and we are frequently seeking Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors, and Licensed Psychologists to provide therapy and counseling services to clients at the Edwardsville and/or Maryville office.  Administrative / support staff positions are also frequently available.  We have job openings in Edwardsville and/or Maryville and are now hiring.  

At this time, our group does not utilize the services of student interns or volunteers. We are not able to offer shadowing opportunities.  Unfortunately, these requests cannot be accommodated.

Interested parties for any position posted below should email resume and cover letter to Brian Radzom at for consideration.

Staff Clinician - (Position CLOSED)

Staff clinicians are masters-level (or higher) clinicians licensed to practice independently in Illinois.  Clinicians provide individual, family, and/or couples counseling to clients in an outpatient, office setting.  Our practice serves a diverse range of client ages, issues, and needs.  Counselors are not expected to be able to practice in every area but are expected to have a wide range of clinical skills and/or specialized, targeted, experience in an area that serves a need in our practice.  While supervision and consultation is provided to clinicians as desired and necessary, counselors are expected to be skilled, competent, and able to work independently.  As such, clinicians are given the freedom to practice clinically in the manner they see fit within the confines of what is evidence-based, clinically appropriate, and within the policies and mission of the practice.  Primary responsibilities are providing counseling and maintaining records.  Infrequently, providers will be required to engage in other tasks such as contacting existing clients regarding ongoing clinical issues, responding to records requests, providing clinical information for authorizations, and other miscellaneous tasks that are not typical but sometimes occur.  The practice is responsible for initial and ongoing insurance credentialing, insurance and client billing, managing and procuring referrals and initial appointments, marketing, furnished office space, supplies, and other administrative tasks and expenses. This is a great opportunity for counselors who are looking to focus their work on the clinical side of practice without the burden of the administrative elements.  

Our practice strives to find highly motivated, quality, and committed counselors and match them with appropriate clients to help foster successful clinical outcomes.  We view our relationship to the staff providers as one where we eliminate (as much as possible) the administrative burdens of a counseling practice so the counselor can remain focused on the client.  

Minimum Requirements

  • be licensed to practice independently in Illinois as a master-level clinician (LCSW or LCPC is required; intermediate level licenses such as LSW are not sufficient);

  • be available to see between 8 and 30 clients weekly (preferably spread across at least two days per week);

  • have evening and/or weekend availability;

  • be able to work independently with little supervision;

  • be culturally competent and desire work with diverse populations; and

  • be a self-starter and willing to maintain proper records.

The Following Is Desired

  • have two years of post-license experience (required by some insurance companies);

  • be experienced with couples counseling;

  • possess sill/experience in working with transgender issues including supporting a client through transition and assessing/providing documentation for HRT or transitional surgeries; and

  • have skill/experience working with children and/or teenagers.

Part-time Support Staff - (Position Closed)

As a result of both expansion and retirement of current employee, Radzom Counseling, an outpatient counseling group practice, is hiring two part-time Billing Support Specialists. Compensation starts at $14 per hour (reviews and consideration of raises occur 6 months after employment and yearly thereafter). Candidates will be working approximately 20-30 hours per week (ideally one position working Mon/Tue/Wed and the other position Wed/Thur/Fri from 9 AM - 5:30 PM though exact schedule is flexible). Possibility to expand hours likely exists in the indeterminate future. Positions are located at our Maryville, IL office though could move to the Edwardsville, IL office in the future. While experience with insurance billing, accounts receivables management, insurance credentialing, office management, and scheduling/receptionist skills is a strong plus, training will be provided for the right candidates who do not possess these skills at the start. The office is restructuring support staff responsibilities so responsibilities are subject to some change. As a part-time position, benefits beyond a nominal allotment of PTO hours (available after 6 months of employment) are not provided. The work environment is friendly, flexible, and relaxed. Work space is shared and open and invites frequent cooperation.

The positions will have some overlap and will backup for one another, though the two positions generally cover different aspects of the billing process (e.g. one position will focus more on the client-related billing aspects where the other position will focus more on the insurance-related billing aspects). The client-focused billing position will also involve scheduling clients during certain blocks of time. Job tasks will include answering billing questions/concerns from clients, submission of insurance claims, managing a card-on-file program, following up on unpaid insurance claims, posting client and insurance payments, managing clients with past-due claims, scheduling clients, obtaining information from clients, completing insurance credentialing for providers, etc.


  • Maintain insurance credentialing of new and current providers.

  • Submit claims to insurance companies and other payers and follow-up on unpaid claims.

  • Post client and insurance payments to practice management system.

  • Prepare and send monthly statements, address collection of past-due balances, manage collection of credit-card-on-file forms and the proper charging of cards.

  • Respond to client inquiries via phone and email to address the scheduling needs of clients. This will include answering questions about services, scheduling clients, obtaining information from clients, and preparing for a client’s first appointment.


  • Possess strong attention to detail. Insurance rules and procedures can be complicated and applicant must be able to learn rules and procedures so information is handled appropriately. Candidate will be handling financial data so accuracy is extremely important.

  • Proficiency with computers is critical. While training can and will be provided on the specific systems, candidate must be able to understand and use databases, switch between multiple windows/tabs, and be able to navigate what are almost exclusively web-based tools. Applicant must be proficient with computers, willing to learn efficient methods and systems to be successful.

  • Have a strong understanding of basic math and logic to be able to address basic accounting tasks relevant to the billing aspects of position.

  • Speed, the ability to “talk and type”, and switch between an office task to address an incoming scheduling inquiry is imperative.

  • Have strong verbal and written skills to be able to communicate professionally with clients, counselors, and insurance companies.

  • Be willing and able to sign and adhere to a confidentiality agreement, HIPAA policies, and security policies to protect and safeguard the confidential information that is handled at our office and disclosed by clients.

  • Be an ethical, non-judgmental person who has strong interpersonal skills and enjoys interacting with people. Applicant should be able to work with diverse populations. Clients come to our office with complex problems, difficult issues, and need to feel safe and treated with respect.

  • Be willing and able to learn basic clinical information about diagnoses, presenting issues, types of counseling/services, etc so applicant can communicate effectively with providers and insurance companies.

  • Have good judgement and decision-making skills. This is a supervised position with support, but does require the applicant to be a self-motivated person who is eager to learn and problem solve decisions.


  • Previous experience working in mental health, in a medical office, as a receptionist/scheduler/biller, with medical billing, or similar field is a strong plus.

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