Family Counseling

Our group provides family therapy in both our Edwardsville and Maryville offices.  Family counseling comes in many forms.  Most commonly, when a minor is being seen individually, a counselor will ask to have occasional family sessions.  The purpose of these sessions can be to relay information and progress, strategize about interventions, resolve conflict, or obtain additional information.  Family sessions can be at the request of the family, the minor, or the counselor.  Whether or not family counseling is to be included as part of the work with a minor varies on the stance of everyone involved and the situation itself.  For example, family counseling will be less necessary or frequent in a situation where an older teenager is working through individual issues and is fully engaged in the process and making progress and more likely in a situation where a younger child lacks awareness in issues and will respond better with the intervention of family members outside of counseling sessions.

Family therapy can also be its own distinct service, separate from any individual counseling.  Families in conflict often seek counseling to have a neutral third party help direct conversations and resolve issues.  This can sometimes be a first step in engaging a particular family in individual counseling.  

If you are seeking counseling for a family issue and are unsure whether to start with individual or family counseling, you can contact us to tell us a bit about your situation and we can help provide guidance.  It is also possible to schedule an initial session to talk through the different aspects of a situation and you and your counselor can put together a plan of action to address your concerns beyond that first visit.  

Family therapy can help address conflict in families, begin a dialogue with difficult conversations to have, and provide a venue for family members to get feedback and learn skills to better interact with other members of the family.  Our counselors are located in Edwardsville and Maryville and provide therapy to the surrounding areas including O'Fallon, Shiloh, and Fairview Heights, IL.  

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