Group Therapy

Group therapy is an effective way to help with a number of concerns.  Many times skills for issues like distress tolerance, managing anxiety, and socialization for children and teens can be more effectively taught and discussed in a group setting.  For many individuals, having others with similar issues is a way to connect and learn that we aren't so alone in the struggles we are facing. Sometimes, a person is seeking support for emotional issues that can be effectively addressed by sharing experiences with similarly-affected people.  Groups are also useful in situations where a large amount of material on a particular clinical issue is being presented.  For example, often parents want to learn more information about topics that apply to their children.  This type of group can provide individuals with a large amount of helpful information while also giving the group an opportunity to share experiences and get support from each other.  

Group counseling can be provided in addition to individual therapy, at the conclusion of individual therapy, or in place if individual counseling.  Some groups require an assessment to make sure that a particular group will be the right service for you where others do not require this sort of appointment prior to attending.  Some groups are open and can be joined anytime while other groups are closed and follow a set schedule where all participants start on the same date.  There are many types of groups and situations where groups can be helpful.  We customize our groups to make sure they are offered in the way that will be most effective for the issue being addressed.  

We are in the process of forming groups to be offered by counselors at our Maryville office.  We will be offering various group topics based on interest.  If you would like to suggest a group or be contacted when a certain group forms, please let us know.  You can contact us by phone or email or simply complete the form below.  

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