How Will Counseling Help?

Your life does not have to stay the way it is now. Together we will find solutions to your concerns. We will work with you to figure out how to make your life into one that you are happy living. You will get the support you need to make those changes in a safe and accepting place. Whether you are seeking a neutral third-party to discuss your situation, a coach to help guide you, or a therapist to offer techniques to deal with troubling circumstances, we will customize our approach to fit your needs. You will leave counseling more in control of the direction of your life  and with the necessary the skills to deal with challenges you encounter along the way.  You can feel happier and more satisfied.

Therapy is something that works in different ways for different people.  All counseling starts with a thorough assessment.  To help you meet your goals, we need to know what those goals are and learn what the barriers to those goals are.  Some people have life stressors that are difficult for them to sort out.  Counseling can offer a place to explore those issues, get some perspective, and develop solutions.  Other individuals are dealing with a clinical diagnosis like depression, ADHD, or bipolar disorder.  Therapy in these situations can involve many aspects: sorting out causes from symptoms, learning to manage symptoms effectively, working on a plan to remove or reduce the intensity of the causes, and developing a greater understanding of the diagnosis.  For many other people, therapy is about learning a new set of skills.  An individual may be looking to communicate better, cope with stress or anger more effectively, or reduce anxiety.  In these situations, a counselor will work with a client to identify the skills that would be helpful and develop a plan to teach and practice these skills.  

The reality is that every person has struggles but the specifics of each person's difficulties are unique.  Counseling takes many forms and uses many different approaches to identify what a person is looking to accomplish, locate what is preventing this from occurring naturally, and collaboratively finding a way to break through what has been holding a person back.

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