Jan Gann, LCPC

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Counseling Approach

Jan brings special experience working with adolescents and children and has a specific interest and experience seeing people who are struggling with attachment, conflict, and trauma. While Jan often works with children and adolescents she also works with adults and couples. For her, providing therapy is a way to provide support to individuals, couples, and families and help them work through life difficulties by finding healthy solutions. She encourages building positive relationships and finding ways to implement reasonable strategies in clients' lives in order to continue healthy growth and development. Jan starts with clients where they are in their own situation and works with them using methods that afford them the best way to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe and productive manner. Jan’s experience as a therapist has shown her how crucial it is to establish trust and a positive rapport with clients by utilizing good listening, empathy, and unconditional positive regard.

Experienced in several different clinical orientations including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family Systems Therapy, Jan has training and a special focus on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and EMDR.

Jan has experiencing supervising an adoption preservation program, youth transitions program, and a clinical program. The experiences she gained working with these programs has given her specialized skills in working with children and families who are managing difficulties with attachment and bonding, trauma, behavioral problems, family adjustment challenges, adolescent identity issues, independence issues, and academic challenges.


Jan has provided therapy and clinical services to clients over many years in several settings. Currently Jan works only at Radzom Counseling. Before this she was a clinical supervisor for an adoption preservation program at a local community agency.

Prior to earning a masters degree in art therapy and counseling, Jan worked as a youth worker at an adolescent treatment facility in Colorado. After that, she found herself working in Croatia as project co-leader in conjunction with the United Nations Office of Vienna for a project designed to assist the local people in rebuilding the social fabric in their war-torn communities. In implementing this project, her team addressed the trauma by bringing in support for the elderly, women, adolescents, and youth in their schools and community organizations.

Additionally, Jan has volunteered in a group home for adolescents and as a teachers' assistant at an adolescent day treatment center. Jan has also provided art therapy at a Head Start program.


Phone: 618-248-2040 x7

Email: jan@radzomcounseling.com

Location: Maryville


  • Children (8-12)

  • Teens (13-17)

  • Adults (18+)

Areas of Focus (Bold Denotes Special INterest)

Professional Experience

  • Individual, family, and group counseling in an agency and private-practice setting.

  • Supervisor of adoption preservation program and other clinical programs.

  • Therapist and advocate at adoption preservation program

Education and Credentials

  • L.C.P.C. in Illinois (What's This?)

  • M.A. from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

  • B.A. from University of Colorado, Boulder

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