HAve the marriage/relationship you always wanted

Society tells us that being part of a couple will bring us happiness. Many times it does. But what can we do when the relationship we are in isn't making us happy or is causing us more stress than it seems to be worth? Frustration, apathy, and a sense of futility can often lead us to the idea that giving up and ending a relationship is the best route to go.

Marriages and relationships falter for many reasons; fortunately, quite a few of these pitfalls can be addressed through couples counseling. If you and your spouse are struggling with some or most of the problems below, you aren't alone. It is incredibly rare that relationships survive on auto-pilot. Successful relationships take work. And frankly, with the busy lives most of us lead, relationships can inadvertently take the back burner. A counselor meeting with a couple will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship, talk with you about your goals for the relationship, and work with you and your partner to ease the barriers that are impeding you from enjoying a satisfying relationship. For couples who are thinking about marrying or are looking to make their relationships more serious, pre-marital counseling is also available to soothe issues that are present and work out preventative solutions to problems before they arise.

Signs indicating that seeing a counselor might be right for you and your partner:

  • A lack of ability to trust your partner

  • Increased fighting or arguments

  • Explosive anger

  • Difficulty communicating

  • Lack of interest in the relationship

  • Increased stress leading towards irritability with your partner

  • Hard time blending multiple families

  • Excessive desire to escape

  • Recent life changes (death, trauma, job loss) causing tremendous stress

  • Problems with intimacy or sex in the relationship

  • Difficulty living together

  • Parenting conflicts

  • Presence of infidelity or affairs

  • An impasse on critical issues like parenting or finances

  • Unmanageable conflicts

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