Counseling to Cope with Stress

Every person feels stress. Acute (short term) stress is actually a good thing most of the time. From an evolutionary perspective, short-term stress fills us with the adrenaline we need to get us to take action. When that short-term stress fails to go away and turns into a chronic experience, we start running into a major problems. Chronic stress leaves us with adrenaline coursing through our brain which is physically damaging to our brain. Beyond this, where this adrenaline surge helps motivates us on a short-term basis, it makes us stir-crazy and feel out of control on a long term basis.

Stress is universal. Because of this, it is common for people to think that being concerned about their stress is complaining or "whining". When you have too much stress or are having a difficult time dealing with stress, it might be time to look at trying to to talk to a therapist to get a handle on the feelings of stress that you are experiencing.

Signs indicating that you may be be stressed and could benefit from counseling:

  • Feeling out of control

  • A sense that things are overwhelming and too big to do anything about

  • An inability to "shut down" your thinking

  • Looking forward and seeing no end in sight

  • Chronic tiredness

  • Feeling as though life is hitting you from all angles

  • Having situations in life that feel unmanageable

  • Feeling as though you are facing a difficult life situation alone

  • Uncharacteristic anger, or volatility

  • Inability to focus, increased forgetfulness, deceased concentration

  • Unable to stop to take time to rest or relax

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