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Kristin Moore, LCSW

Kristin is a versatile, flexible counselor accustomed to working with young children, adolescents, and adults.  She addresses an array of issues including blended families, depression, parenting, PTSD, stress, and confidence.  She approaches counseling from a strengths-based perspective, recognizing that each client she sees possesses unique skills to be tapped to overcome their challenges and accomplish their goals. (Full Profile)

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Nikki Theiss, LCPC

Nikki most frequently meets with adults, college-aged young adults, and older teens.  She is accustomed to working with clients from a variety of backgrounds with a diverse range of needs.  While versatile in the types of issues she addresses, Nikki is particularly adept helping clients with anxiety, depression, trauma, confidence, and stress.  Her warm personality and professional nature enable her to build trusting relationships with individuals quickly.  Her calming demeanor paired with her focus on forward momentum deliver counseling to clients that is both efficient and effective.  (Full Profile)

Tori Cullen, LCSW

Tori brings over twenty years experience working with individuals and families in multiple practice settings. For her, helping a client feel comfortable and ready to engage in their own therapeutic process is a priority. Tori strongly believes that her role is to provide a safe and warm environment to allow individual growth and healing. Throughout her career she has worked with adolescents and their families in a school setting. Tori has experience working with a variety of issues but has a particular interest in autism spectrum disorders; eating disorders; addictions; depression; anxiety; parenting; stress management; grief; and self-esteem building. (Full Profile)

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Kaitlyn Koniuszy, LCSW

Kaitlyn helps angry teens, young adults transitioning into adulthood, distant couples, and individuals who are going through life’s many transitions. Kaitlyn takes a compassionate and holistic approach to teaching parenting, working through past trauma, and building coping skills to find more peace in life. She also provides counseling to LGBT+ individuals with self exploration related to sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and gender dysphoria. She utilizes numerous approaches when doing therapy with families, couples, and individuals. Kaitlyn believes counseling should be meaningful, progressive, and focused, and that finding the right counselor begins with taking a chance.. (Full Profile)

Laura Tinker, LCSW

Laura has over ten years experience in an extremely diverse range of issues.  She provides individual counseling to adults and older teens.  Laura is adept at connecting to her clients right away, putting them at ease.  She views clients as experts in themselves and partners with them to meet their goals by finding and using their intrinsic strengths. (Full Profile)


Jan has provided clinical services in a wide number of settings and has developed a unique repertoire of skills. Jan brings special experience working with adolescents and children. While she works quite frequently with youth, Jan also meets with adults individually and provides couples therapy. As the supervisor of an adoption preservation program and someone who helped restore community services in a war-torn Croatia, Jan has a specific interest and experience seeing people who are struggling with attachment, conflict, and trauma. Jan has a warm personality and quickly puts clients at ease. She provides a safe environment to address sensitive issues. She excels at developing rapport with those who may not be ready for therapy. (Full Profile)

Holly Pirtle, LCPC

Holly is passionate about working with children, adolescents, and families. She uses a collaborative approach that incorporates empathy, compassion, and humor in her sessions. Holly has experience working with an array of cultures in multiple settings.  She utilizes an integrative approach; she primarily uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy but draws from many different techniques to meet each client’s unique needs. With her nurturing disposition, down‐to‐earth attitude, and unconditional positive regard, Holly is able to quickly build trusting relationships with her clients in order to overcome their challenges together. (Full Profile)

Lisa Vargovcik, LCSW

Lisa is a well-rounded counselor who sees adults, teenagers, and children.  She respects that every client begins counseling with a different perspective and starting point.  To connect with her clients, she focuses on truly hearing out each client's individual story and beginning where they are at that moment.  Lisa believes in tailoring her techniques and interventions to achieve the best therapeutic outcome. She has been described as having a compassionate, nonjudgmental approach that helps clients feel validation, reassurance, and hope. She is skilled with a range of presenting problems including abuse, addiction, anger, anxiety, depression, grief, self-harm and trauma. (Full Profile)



Rosemary possesses a strong clinical background that she combines with a warm and empathetic approach to assist her clients accomplish the changes they are seeking. She provides individual and couples counseling to adults. She finds success in helping clients change their behaviors, improve their thoughts, and feel empowered to approach the challenges that are causing distress. Rosemary has a lengthy background helping clients with concerns ranging from anxiety to depression and couples-conflict to stress from elder care. (Full Profile)



Cara has a strong background in providing outpatient therapy in several work settings.  She is skilled in cognitive behavioral therapy and is solution-focused in her work with clients.  Cara focuses on strengths in the individuals she meets with to use helps clients use those strengths to leverage the issues they are facing.  She works with both adolescents and adults and provides both individual and couples counseling. (Full Profile)


Jennifer Freiburg, LCPC

Jennifer provides individual and family counseling to children, teens, and adults. She feels it is important to create a safe and open environment in which each client can be heard. She believes that counseling is most effective when the client and counselor work together to identify solutions for change. During her career, she has assisted families with a variety of concerns, such as domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse, depression, anger management, anxiety, and family conflict. (Full Profile)



Roger brings with him a wide range of experience from his varied career in counseling.  He sees both adults and adolescents. Roger has a calming presence and demeanor that helps those he is meeting with feel at ease.  He strikes a balance of remaining goal-focused while providing a safe and comfortable environment for his clients.  Roger is particularly skilled working with couples who are trying to get their relationships back on track.  Beyond working with couples, he meets with adults and teens to address many types of concerns and issues including grief, anxiety, depression, and stress management. (Full Profile)

David Crouthers, LCSW

David sees teens, adults and families and assists them in overcoming a variety of challenges and supports positive change.  He has worked in both the private practice and the school setting.  David develops a quick rapport with clients by blending empathy, humor,  and motivational strategies to make progress towards client goals.  Skilled in many issues, David most frequently addresses stress and anxiety and is adept at counseling teens. (Full Profile)

Brian C. Radzom, LCSW

Brian meets with adults and teenagers, providing individual and family counseling. He works with clients early, assisting in developing goals for therapy to make sure sessions stay focused on finding solutions, creating change, and feeling better. Brian has helped clients work through issues across a wide spectrum but feels especially helpful working with individuals who struggle with anxiety, high stress, low moods, and anger. Brian offers a friendly atmosphere where clients feel accepted and can move at their own pace to work towards the goals they have set. (Full Profile)