Nikki Theiss, LCPC

Nikki most frequently meets with adults, college-aged young adults, and older teens. Nikki works with clients from a variety of backgrounds with a diverse range of needs and has special interest in providing counseling to LGBT + individuals, veterans and first responders. (Full Profile)


Robert studley, LCPC

Robert provides counseling to children, adolescents, and young adults as well as their families.  Robert helps his clients work through a wide variety of challenges including disruptive behaviors, anxiety, attachment, and difficulty regulating emotions.  Additionally, Robert specializes in trauma-informed care.  (Full Profile)

Roger Gunther, LCSW

Roger works with older teens through adult age clients. He is particularly skilled at working with individuals and couples who are trying to get their relationships back on track. He addresses many types of concerns and issues including grief, anxiety, depression, and stress management. (Full Profile)

Kaitlyn Koniuszy, LCSW

Kaitlyn helps angry teens and young adults transitioning into adulthood. She also provides counseling to LGBT+ individuals with self-exploration related to sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and gender dysphoria. (Full Profile)

Laura Tinker, LCSW

Laura has over ten years of experience in working with a diverse range of issues. She provides individual counseling to adults. Laura is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Internal Family Systems (IFS). (Full Profile)


Jan brings special experience working with adolescents and children and has a specific interest and experience seeing people who are struggling with attachment, conflict, and trauma. While Jan often works with children and adolescents she also works with adults and couples. (Full Profile)

Holly Pirtle, LCPC

Holly is a passionate counselor who has special interest in college-aged clients. Holly is trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and is highly skilled with anxiety issues, particularly social anxiety. Additionally, Holly has a strong background in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. (Full Profile)

Lisa Vargovcik, LCSW

Lisa sees adults, teenagers, and children and is skilled with a range of presenting problems including addiction, anger, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and self-harm. Lisa also meets with clients who are exploring gender identity and gender expression. (Full Profile)


Rosemary provides individual and couples counseling to adults and has a lengthy background helping clients with wide-ranging concerns including a focus on anxiety and depression. Rosemary effectively works with couples to resolve conflict and rebuild their relationship. (Full Profile)



Cara has a strong background in providing outpatient therapy in several work settings.  She is skilled in cognitive behavioral therapy and is solution-focused in her work with clients. She works with both adolescents and adults and provides both individual and couples counseling. (Full Profile)


Kristin Moore, LCSW

Kristin is a versatile, flexible counselor accustomed to working with young children, adolescents, and adults.  She addresses an array of issues including blended families, depression, parenting, PTSD, stress, and confidence. (Full Profile)

Jennifer Freiburg, LCPC

Jennifer provides individual and family counseling to children, teens, and adults. During her career, she has assisted families with a variety of concerns, such as domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse, depression, anger management, anxiety, family conflict, and gender identity concerns. (Full Profile)

David Crouthers, LCSW

David sees teens, adults and families and assists them in overcoming a variety of challenges. Skilled in many issues, David most frequently provides Sports and Performance Counseling and is adept at counseling both teen and college athletes. (Full Profile)


Tori brings over twenty years experience working with individuals and families in multiple practice settings. Tori meets with adults and adolescents with a wide arrange of issues. Tori often meets with clients on the Autism Spectrum as well as those with eating disorders and ADHD. (Full Profile)

Brian C. Radzom, LCSW

Brian meets with adults and teenagers, providing individual and family counseling. Brian has helped clients work through issues across a wide spectrum but feels especially helpful working with individuals who struggle with anxiety, high stress, low moods, and anger. (Full Profile)

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